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across the country meeting up at the capital and molly henneberg has been in the midst have it all. hi, molly. >> molly: many thousands of people are here and some of these people have been here since 8:00 in the morning. they got front row seats at the capital. these crowds stretch back to the washington monument. they come from buses all around the country, what is called the taxpayer march on d.c. we have a video that gives you a sense of the side. these are conservative anti-tax group. they are fed up with the growth of government and it's going up and up. they are marching near the capital. here is what some of the people who are here today including members of congress had to say. >> we want them to stop spending and stop taxing us, stop the health care bill because you are bankrupting people for generations to come. >> they are outraged about the government take yoevs, the taxes it's not just the last six months. it's the last ten years. i've never been more proud to be an american. >> molly: i'm joined by bill rice, why did you want to come out here? >> my wife and you are conc
. lawmakers have a lot of other topics they need to tack tackle. molly henneberg following that part of the story. she is live right across from the capitol. molly, what else do lawmakers need to get done? >> hi, trace, a lot. considering the fiscal year ends in 12 days, the legislative year ends in 14 weeks at the most. health care has been sucking all of the oxygen out of the room on capitol hill. congress still has a lot to deal with. for example, 12 appropriations bills to fund the government during the next fiscal year. the afghanistan supplemental to fund military operations in afghanistan. the nuclear arms start treaty, start stands for strategic arms reduction treaty, with russia and it expires in december. card checks for labor unions. up employment extension. scores of presidential appointments. and climate change legislation that pretty much has been put on the back burner. republicans say democrats have taken on too much. democrats say what they can't get to this year they will get to next year. trace? trace: molly henneberg live to us from washington. religious extremist
. molly henneberg joins us live from the west front of the capitol. male? >> we're still waiting for the official numbers. but i can tell you they were jam packed in there on the grounds outside the capitol and all the way back toward the washington monument. some came out at 8:00 o'clock and met around the white house in an area near the white house and marched down pennsylvania avenue to the grounds right in front of the capitol building. they're calling it the taxpayers march on washington. they're protesting government spending and the expansion of government. they say enough is enough and they wanted to deliver that message in person to their elected leaders. there were some members of congress at the march today, as well as people from the tea party express. those are people who took buses, who made a trek across the united states, starting in california, ending up here at this march. take a listen. >> we have come from 34 cities, 17 states in 15 days to help restore america. >> i think what's turned out, this unexpected crowd, here at the march on washington is more than
on board. molly henneberg is live in our washington newsroom with more. molly, how many planes does this thing effect? >> hi, jon. 43 planes registered in the u.s. all of the air best bus 330s there aren't any 340s registered here in america. northwest airlines operates 32 of the planes and u.s. air operates 11. those companies have until january 6th to replace at least two out of the three 32 or speed sensors on the planes. the new replacement tubes are being made by goodrich corporation based in north carolina. jon: why is the f.a.a. doing this now? >> the f.a.a. has been investigating those tto tubes since the air crash in june. originally it recommended that airlines replace the students. now they are requiring it depending on the airplane altitude and weather, this condition, if not corrected reduced control of the airplane. the airplane equivalent of the f.a.a. made the same decision on 31st. jon: molly henneberg in washington. more than two months since michael jackson died in los angeles. tonight the pop star will finally be buried. what the family has planned for jackson's
henneberg is standing by, she's been following this story, hello, molly. >> hi, brian. more coming out about the speeches and sentiments of van jones. the latest in san francisco in 2005. it was called the biology and sociology of good and evil. jones discussed the columbine massacre of 1999 where two white students gunned down 13 schoolmates. here is what he said about that. >> you never seen a columbine done by a black child. never. they always say we can't believe it happened here, we can't believe it was these suburban white kids. it's only them. now, a black kid might shoot another black kid, he's not shooting the whole school-- >> earlier he called republicans a crude term during a speech at berkley california and in 2004, he signed a petition claiming that the bush administration was how responsible for the 9/11 attacks. on thursday, jones sent out a statement, saying, quote, if i've offended anyone with statements i've made in the past, i apologize. responding to all of this spokesman for president obama simply says that jones continues to work in that administration. and on jones' s
the plans that are currently on the table. molly henneberg is live in washington with those concerned americans. what are they telling you. >> molly: this just wrapped up here with the playing of god bless america. except for the front row here. they are still here. what they are calling the taxpayers' march on washington. there were many more than that. it started this morning with a march to the white house. they are protesting government spending and they have been saying enough is enough. they wanted to deliver the message in person to their lawmakers. there are some members of congress who are here today and some members of the tea party express. those are people on a bus and stop between california and came to this march today. take a listen to what people had to say. >> we have come from 34 cities, 17 states in 15 days to help restore america. >> i think what has turned out, an unexpected crowd here at the march on washington. it's more than just frustration with the government takeover of health care. it's frankly frustration with the last several years where republican admini
for this high-profile address? molly henneberg is in washington. was boustany chosen because he is a heart surgeon? >> absolutely. and he is on the ways and means committee. boustany was a heart surgeon for 20 years. he knows about the health-care system. he is very concerned about maintaining the independence of the doctor-patient relationship. trace: how long do we think he is going to speak? do we have any idea what he will say? >> his speech is written. will run about five minutes. it will focus on the republicans' approach to health- care reform, what boustany calls common-sense reform. he is likely to stress working in a bipartisan fashion to get this done. trace: talk about bipartisan fashion. how far is boustany willing to go to compromise with democrats? >> he says it is important to get all options on the table pretty stopped short of supporting the so-called public option. he also said republicans want to be involved in this debate but are getting shut out by democrats. listen to this. >> we have been working hard to talk about the things that are important, building the doctor-
says that she canceled because her son is back from iraq this weekend. >> molly henneberg, good to see you. >> brian: how much is a dinner with sarah palin worth? an alabama woman says $63,500 that's what kathy maples winning bid was in an ebay auction that benefits wounded veterans. she owns a defense contracting company, a big advocate of the former governors and would like to see her run for president. maples and four guests will dine with palin and her husband, probably take place in alaska. some lawmakers of questioning the legality of the president's czars. a congressman wants more light shown on appointees. here are beautiful pictures of a balloon festival going on right now in plano, texas, thousands of expected to attend during the three-day run. i love going to the balloon races, it's fantastic. businesses more efficiently, so we've brought in a team of experts to help. one suggestion is to make your shipping more efficient with priority mail flat rate boxes from the postal service. call or go online for a free supply and up to $160 in offers from authorized postage vendors.
. but 48% oppose any plan that requires insurance to be purchased. molly henneberg is on this today. polls keep indicating that america is not thrilled about the prospect of what the president is talking about here. >> americans may want reform, but they are not sure they are seeing the reform they want. this was a fox news opinion dynamics poll taken earlier this week, and respondents were asked which system they prefer, the current one, where the proposed system -- the current one or the proposed system. people were also asked, if you were sick, what kind of insurance would you prefer? 62% said they would prefer a privately-run plant. -- privately-run plan. jane: what does it look like for the possibility of a public option? it looks like they are split on it. >> it will be so interesting to watch. you have nancy pelosi saying that a government-run option will be on the house bill, and she goes on to say she hopes her democratic peers can convince their colleagues in the senate. she hopes that they can persuade them over to their point of view. because the baucus bill does not include a
are not listening. right now, tens of thousands of tea party protesters are in the capitol and molly henneberg is with them, tell me about the crowd and what is going on. >> reporter: these are fiscally conservative americans and anti-tax people who say it is time to stop the government from spending so much money on bailouts and marching on washington and now outside the west side of the capitol and hearing from a bunch of speakers and let me step out of the way and you can see the crowd here, they are expecting tens of thousands of people and the crowd is stressing at least, the third of the way between the capitol and the washington monument and we have video we can show you of the crowd marching down pennsylvania avenue from around the white house, down to the capitol, and they say they -- the government is spending way too much money and are for limited government and lower taxes and let me bring in deborah johns, one of the organizers of what the tea party express is what it is called, a group of people who rode a bus across america, and eventually -- starting in california and ending up
lives. molly henneberg takes a look at a day in the life of a fire- fighting company in arlington, virginia. this is one of the unions that responded to the attack on the pentagon 9/11. >> we're here in arlington va., first asian member for. this is one of the stations that responded to 9/11, and they're trained in technical rescue. they can do water rescue, vehicle extrication they are more specialized. i want to bring in captain brian spring, the man in charge. you already have one call today to a fire alarm, it turned out to just be a trick alarm, not a fire. tell me about what is happening right now, in case there is another call. >> we have to remain costly ready. there is geared to the bridge. we respond to fireballs, car accidents, even heart attacks and medical calls. >> you were part of the team responded to 9/11. in 10 seconds, tell it what it is like inside the pentagon. >> a lot of confusion. there was a lot of people running around, a lot of smoke and fire. "t>> you were there to of two weeks. thank you for your service here. back to you. megyn: good for those guys. t
it was strong and i think the molly henneberging industry kited that afterwards. wing voters that said yeah, he is willing to compromise and be pragmatic. that's good. >> chris: are democrats in the senate now unified behind the presidents it plan. in. >> i think democrats are pretty much unified in the senate around the plan that brings down costs because that is the central goal here and i thought the president made a very powerful case that the course we are on now is utterly unsustainable. anybody that says we just stay on the current course is not paying attention. we have got a circumstance in which cost has to be brought down. that is the number one issue i heard across my state during the break. second, he said he is prepared to hear a better idea so if somebody has a where idea, bring it to him. third, he said, look, i am ready to move toward the middle. he talked about a plan very close to the bipartisan plan being developed in the finance committee. >> the big issue going into the beech was whether the president was going to insist on the public option, government run insurance to co
to have contributed to air flans -- air france flight 447. molly henneberg is in washington for us. how many airplanes are we talking about? >> 42 u.s. registered airplanes. so, northwest airlines operates 32 of the planes that need replacements. those companies have until january 6 to replace it least two out of the three speed centers on the plains. the old tubes were made by european company. jon: why is the faa doing them now? >> the faa has been investigating these tubes since the air france crash back in june and initially recommended that airlines replace the tubes. now they are requiring it. the faa says that this air worthiness directive results from reports of air speed indication discrepancies while flying at high altitudes in a comment weather conditions. depending on the prevailing airplane altitude in whether, this condition, if not corrected could result in reduced control of the airplane. the european equivalent of the faa made the same decision on august 31. jon: thank you, molly. juliet: dangerous incidents on school buses. a half naked man hijacked this school bus. he
is giving away four chartered buses, each one costing $500,000. molly henneberg is live for us in washington. why are we going buses or private companies? -- why are we buying buses for private companies? >> the spokesperson says he expects us to ride october or november. the buses will be owned by the new hampshire department of transportation and operated by companies who also co-owns the boston express. according to the transport commission, the dot is getting this money to purchase four intercity community buses to improve service on the i-95 quarter, the everett turnpike, and another route to. two buses will be used to replace other vehicles, and others will add new service. the $2 billion taxpayer funded price tag will create 425 bus driver and jobs. -- four to five bus driver jobs. in the past couple of weeks, i will give you three examples. the state of alabama was approved for $12.8 million to buy 37 buses and 120 fans as well as new construction. savannah in georgia and peoria in eleanor it. but this is what is in -- unclear -- how many jobs will be created with taxpayer dollars. h
. molly henneberg is in washington. i was this congressman asked to give the gop response? >> he is on the house ways and means committee which has jurisdiction over health care and he is a doctor. >> i am a cardiovascular surgeon with over 20 years experience in the operating room. i have seen health care first hand and i know the problems families are struggling with with high costs. i know the problem we see with access to physicians. problems that exist currently in the medicare and medicaid system where access is a problem. >> john boehner asked him last week and if he would give the response. we are told the speech is finished except for some last- minute tweaks. patti ann: what is the expected to say tonight? >> he will focus on the republican approach to health care reform, what he calls common-sense reform. in will bring down costs for individuals and small businesses. he is long -- likely to stress working in a bipartisan fashion and also challenges democrats by saying that republicans were shut out of the process. we do not expect him to endorse the public option. he s
housing in order to turn tricks there. molly henneberg is following this story. this has been a long time coming. i guess the next question is, will this reviewed be fruitful and t? >> this is a very different tone we have been getting from acorn recently. when the senate voted to cut off funding for acorn, the response was we do not knoneed the money, anyway. now this press release has come out from acorn. it is a different tone. the spokeswoman says acorn has been "deeply disturbed by these videos." and that acorn needs to "reestablished the public trust ." as you said, they will not take in any new applications for home loans for now. they will do in service training for all staff within 48 hours. they will have an independent auditor review all their systems and all other processes. this is directly related to those videos >> marth. martha: this is a huge change in tone coming from acorn. earlier in this year, acorn set up an independent advisory council because of concerns about other decisions and things that came up during the election. all of that activity was supposed to happen i
attacks coming not from republicans but from democrats. molly henneberg has more from washington. democrats are the ones coming out and taking apart the bill, put together by a democrat. >> it is also in the house. there are 17 moderate and progressive democrats telling the speaker that there has to be in government-run option. this latest letter was put together by the california rep resentative and 14 other democrats. they want to reiterate their support for a robust health insurance option that will provide greater choice for american consumers. speaker pelosi reiterated that the bill would include that public option, but it was not included in senator baucus' plan. megyn: it seems like this is where we were even before the baucus bill. nancy pelosi said nothing would pass in the house if it did not have a public auction, but not everyone is expecting for them to get around a table to have a conference committee and they are going to have to iron it out. that have been behind closed doors, so it is scary. in the meantime, republicans are stepping up their attacks on democrat c
h1n1 of brick. molly henneberg has more. -- outbreak. >> so far everything is going pretty good, it seems. we spoke to help officials in boston and new york city. some are expecting h1n1 to hit harder in these types of cities because of the cold weather and some many people packed together. so far, preparations are being made. >> we know how difficult the budget situation is for states and localities. it is clear the government is taking this seriously by making sure resources are not in question and it comes to protecting the public. >> she says the guidance they are getting about the flu and indicate that it may hit a lot of people, but so far, it seems to be a moderate form. bill, so the federal government is communicating with -- bill: so the federal government is communicating with states? what are they hearing back? >> states and local governments are the ground force for keeping track of the flu. the white house is hearing from them in person. take a listen. >> white house officials invited a group of local health commissioners, myself included, and some state health comm
acorn is reaching the boiling point. molly henneberg is on capitol hill. what does this new video show? >> the same type of things that we saw in baltimore, washington, and new york. in the case of this san bernardino, calif. video, the video says -- the employee says that her supervisor would not approve, but gave advice to the couple. she says she has no problem with prostitution although she does tell the couple that it is against the law to have under age prostitutes in their care. jon: acorn officials insist that the employee was aware of this full discussion. >> they released a statement saying that the employee caught on to this camp and said that it was "sort of entertaining." but they were not even good actors. she went on to say -- acorn has also said the videos have been doctored, but we should also point out, acorn has fired several people since the videos have come to light. jon: there are calls on capitol hill for a criminal investigation? >> yes, lamar smith wants the justice department and fbi to look into the group. in a statement, he says -- additionally, there is suf
abortion? molly henneberg is in washington. >> warren hatch says know. he has offered an amendment that would prohibit that. -- orrin hatch says no. the amendment would allow individuals to buy health insurance plans that cover abortion, but pro-choice supporters are demanding that they only use money from private sources to pay for abortion. trace: that is brand new information. another huge battle in the debate over health-care reform. hammering out the public option. the senate finance committee is offering some new amendment on the baucus bill, and although the amendment says no to the public option, many democrats are still not giving up. >> this will be optional, no one has to do this. the estimates are only 5% or less of the american people will leave the health and insurance they have now. >> i am opposed to it because it is a slow walk to government- controlled single payer health care. trace: liberal democrats may have to convince their moderate democrats. with me now based kirsten powers and tucker carlson. there are 13 democrats in the senate finance committee, 10 repub
. the european equivalent of the faa made the same decision on august 31. trace: molly henneberg, thank you. two frightening incident aboard the school buses and raising new debate over just how to protect our kids. a nearly naked man tried to hijack a bus filled with kids, but jumped out after he lost control. on tuesday, a high-school football player tackled another student on a bus after she pulled out a hand gun and threatened to begin shooting. shannon bream, parents used to worry about their kids getting safely from one. to another on a school bus, but now there are all kinds of new dangers. >> it is totally different in 2009 to use to just worry about road safety. now we are talking about guns. earlier this year, there was another similar case in north carolina where a 14-year-old was shot on a bus. his friend had brought a gun and put it in his backpack. they say it was an accident, but the end result was the same. a child was shot. you will be fine, but the father of the drought who brought the gun will face charges. -- the father of the boy who brought the gun will face charges. trace:
big stories. the faa is very concerned about your safety when you fly. molly henneberg is following a hearing on capitol hill. >> members of the aviation industry update the house transportation committee on what the faa and air carriers and pilots unions are doing to improve safety, especially in regional air transportation fee of the faa sent a letter to>> tg some companies' bottom lines. manufacturers of those had sanitizers are watching their profits soar. these companies may be cashing in, but they say they are marketing their products responsibly and not contributing to people's flu fears. trace: the flood waters in georgia are beginning to go down. >> as these flood waters start to received, state and local officials are warning home mannerowners to take extreme ca. earlier, a home exploded because the gas was not shut off. there of working very hard right now to shut off the gas and make the area safe. back to you. trace: thank you very much. that is brand new information. martha: it has been a very big day across the city where the united nations lives. president obama gave
from the center for disease control. trace: molly henneberg live for us in washington, d.c. martha: congress is looking into why the government failed to catch bernie madoff through all of those years of deception. the senate banking committee taking testimony from the sec inspector general revealed how the agency basically bundled five investigations into the burnie made of business. it is bad enough that he was able to pull off this massive fraud. now we actually have him on tape coaching a witness. he says, here is how you fool the investigators. >> when you speak to these guys, you are not to -- you do not have to be exact on this stuff. no one pays attention to these types of things or who does not call or who remembers who calls. it is basically more casual. martha: you do not really have to give them any details. so, he learned that lesson. they came, they sat down, they said, we have a question about this and this and he gave them the snow over. he said it is easy. just do not give them too many details. >> we got these out of the massachusetts attorney general. the secreta
racial past. so how exactly does he become a top adviser to our president? molly henneberg is live in washington. first of all, as he apologized for the remarks? >> yes, he called them offensive words from that speech back in february, that was taken one month before he was appointed to his job. he said that sentiment -- at the time, he called them a crude phrase, and it got a laugh from the crowd. megyn: he has described himself as a communist? >> it appears the rodney king verdict in the 1990's made quite an impact on him. after the verdict he proclaimed, i am a communist, and then later got involved with a marxist group t. later he got more involved in the in our mental movement, and has said that he is not trying to redistribute existing wealth, but unleashing new opportunities. megyn: we are just uncovering some details about him, and some of his past is quite radical. how does he become one of the czars advising the president? >> he has been very involved in the environmental movement. as the green jobs czar, he is a leader in that field, and he says retrofitting america's bu
over their operations. it has been called a rare and potentially convenient step. jane: molly henneberg in washington for us. jon: we put kids on school buses, expecting them to be safe. that did not happen in this case. a brutal attack on a bus caught on tape. a student attacked, not once, but twice. ♪ well i was shopping for a new car, ♪ ♪ which one's me - a cool convertible or an suv? ♪ ♪ too bad i didn't know my credit was whack ♪ ♪ 'cause now i'm driving off the lot in a used sub-compact. ♪ ♪ f-r-e-e, that spells free credit report dot com, baby. ♪ ♪ saw their ads on my tv ♪ thought about going but was too lazy ♪ ♪ now instead of looking fly and rollin' phat ♪ ♪ my legs are sticking to the vinyl ♪ ♪ and my posse's getting laughed at. ♪ ♪ f-r-e-e, that spells free- credit report dot com, baby. ♪ gathering dust, as pollen floats through the air. but with the strength of zyrtec ® , the fastest, 24-hour allergy relief, i promise not to wait as long to go for our ride. with zyrtec ® i can love the air ™ . [ birds squawking ] [ moos ] [ man
investigation of thisç group the far behind? molly henneberg has the lates. so will there be any federal investigation, and if so, who is it most likely to come from? ç>>ç several are asking the fo investigate not just criminal activity, but if acorn is a criminal enterprise. çthe fbi director said that he çonly heard about these tapes recently been given the preliminary information, it is the type of thing the fbi and department of justice would look at. çthe white house has also!geigd in. >> obviously, the conduct that you see on the tapes is completely unacceptable. withç that. the administration takes accountability extremely seriously. >> there are also calls for çvarious committees to investigate. çmegyn: in the meantime, acorn has said they would change their procedures, but they are also firing back at the governor of minnesota. çó>>ç you mentioned that tim pawlenty was cutting off funding to the group, but the group says that they do not receive any funding from the state of =q9 that isç true, as of 2008, but between 1996 and may of 2008, they did get about
alert and front lines when it comes to the swine flu outbreaks. willhere be a shortage of nurses? molly henneberg joins us live this morning fromgate thersburg, maryland. will there be a shortage? >> well, hopefully not. there is still -- kids are going back to school and hopefully i will have a school nurse there. because school nurses including the one here in gaithersburg maryland. we are concentrating on the h1n1 virus. it tends to hit young kids and young adults and pregnant women harder than usual. school nurses are there to educate about hand washing and how to cough into your elbow instead of your hand to avoid infecting others. they know if the kid has the flu and needs to go home, school nurses are preparing for the fall and winter flu season. >> we are providing a lot of education to both the staff, students, and parents on what to look out for and what to do if any of those symptoms seem to appear. >> some school districts including palm beach in broward counties in florida are cutting back on school nurses though to save some money or maybe cutting their hours or putting th
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